The Romans 12-2 Project

Transformation and Healing To Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. ----- Romans 12:2
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You Are Not Alone

Read more about others that feel the same as you.

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Experts agree that the incidence of CSA is far greater than what is reported to authorities. Read More.

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Myths and Facts

We dispel the myths and present the facts about CSA to help make informed decisions.

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There is a wealth of resources available for education we offer, therapists and speakers who share in the victim experience.

Thousands of people are living with the tragic effects caused by Childhood Sexual Abuse. Your help is drastically needed. Join the team and help develop the funds for therapy, counseling, education and to bring awareness to this threatening epidemic? There are many opportunities to serve and we want to hear from you.

About Romans 12-2 Project

Child Sex Abuse is NEVER The Fault of the Child.
1 in 6 men and 1 in 4 women are sexually abused by 18 years old.

The Romans 12-2 Project seeks to provide awareness of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and to give victims of CSA reliable information, resources for help, and to assist with funding needed physical mental and spiritual help. Childhood Sexual Abuse is the secret sin we don't like to talk about. Romans 12-2 Project is here to start the conversation.

  • We provide information on where to find help for Childhood Sexual Abuse, including Christian based therapists qualified on CSA

  • Victims of CSA share their experience and offer hope and strength. Speakers are available for private, community and civic groups.

  • We develop financial help for victims of CSA for professional therapy and work with therapists to provide help on a sliding scale.

  • CSA is the secret sin, rarely discussed. We are here to "Start the Conversation" and bring awareness to the community.

The Board of Directors

Romans 12-2 Project Board of Directors

Tom Ryan

President, Board Chairman

Catherine Ryan

Vice President, Treasurer

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